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California law requires that all children ages 6-18 be enrolled in full-time education. Attending school helps students learn, build relationships, and develop social-emotional well-being. We encourage families to schedule medical and dental appointments after school when possible. Absences must be verified within five school days, otherwise will be considered unexcused.

Although regular and punctual attendance at school is very important, children with fevers, sore throats, flu, or symptoms of any other communicable diseases should be kept at home. If you are in doubt, send your child to school.  We will contact you if we discover that your child is too ill to remain in school.

The principal/principal’s designee may require a note from the physician if your child is absent more than 3 consecutive days. If a child is absent 10% of the school days, a doctors note may also be required for every absence. Please read the Parent/Student Handbook for more information.

Absence Verification Process

Verification of absences will only be accepted from doctors, other medical professionals, and parents/guardians by note, email, phone, or other electronic means. To report an absence, please call 408-287-6303.

Students who leave school for appointments during their regular class periods must check out through the office. Please call in advance to excuse these appointments.

Absence Tracking

We encourage parents/guardians to monitor their student's attendance in Infinite Campus by logging into Parent Portal. Parents/guardians will also receive daily attendance notices through ParentSquare if a student has one or more unexcused class absences.